Hips Don't Lie (but sometimes they're problematic)

Okay, maybe you can’t actually dance like that or make somebody suddenly speak Spanish…

And maybe you’re starting to feel like your hips are wrong.

Do your hips feel:

  • uneven?

  • like they’re pulling?

  • like they may be the cause of your lower back pain?

Some asymmetry is normal in the hips. In fact, the body is a master at adapting, so sometimes asymmetries are essential to an athlete’s specific style or method!

For example, I once worked with a collegiate track and cross country athlete who had a significantly shorter left leg; it made sense, because she ran left around a track a few hundred time per week! Adaption! I was a very young strength coach at the time and tried to follow the textbook; we worked to rebalance her for a few weeks, and not only did her times decrease, but she started to develop discomfort in her hips and back. Crazy!

(Spoiler alert: I stopped trying to change her hip and gait patterns after that!)

I say that to say: not all asymmetry is bad, but PAIN is always an alarm that something is not right.

If you’re getting back, hamstring, or hipsocket pain, or a pinch in the hip when you sit and squat, you are probably looking at a misalignment of your pelvis. This is normal (meaning: it happens a lot and can be corrected).

TL;DR: there are joints in your pelvis. Sometimes they get out of alignment. This isn’t horrible, it does happen a lot, and it can be corrected. Try out Hip Reset video below for a simple assessment of your hip alignment.

It should also be noted: once you’ve aligned your hips, don’t just leave them! Regroove the pattern; a few squats, some hinging/deadlift work, etc. at a light weight will help the body keep its new alignment. Don’t be shocked if you need to use this reset several times at first… you didn’t just develop that dysfunctional pattern overnight and you can’t correct it in 10 seconds either!