Resolutions: Filling The Space Between Point A to Point B

Happy New Year!

It’s hard to believe that today marks Day 1 of 365 in 2019.

Whatever 2018 taught you, whatever you learned, and whatever you went through, it prepared you for this place right now.

Wherever and however and whoever you woke up as today, this is your starting point.

How do you want to wake up on 1 January, 2020? Will it be as this exact same person, in this exact same place? Or do you want to be something different? Will you have changed? What will you have achieved? What will you have given and taken from the world?

Let me ask you this:

What did 2018 teach you?

What did you learn? How did you grow? How did you change? What did you do? Who did you become?

What do you want from 2019?

What will you build on? What will you accomplish? What will you change or develop? What do you want to focus on? How do you want to make an impact?

As we look at Point A (today) and Point B (365 days from now), we see two time points with space in between. In that space, we often lose sight of the points.

Ask yourself today the following questions:

What will it take for me to achieve my goal? What skills do I need to develop? What do I need to learn? What resources do I need? Where do I need to be? What steps do I need to take? Do I need help? Who can I ask to help me?

That is the space in between; when you begin to develop your resources and take steps toward achieving your goals.

If you focus on developing yourself as a person, an athlete, a coach, an insert-title-here, you will find that the goals come easier, with less time and effort, that you become happier and more successful, and that your horizon brightens and widens with every step you take. You will see new opportunities. You will have new experiences. You will meet new people.

And perhaps that is the most important part.

If 2018 taught me anything, it’s to 1) work as hard as you can and learn as much as you can, then 2) ask for help when you need it.

There are many people in this world with more experiences than we could imagine.

I can guarantee that, no matter how uncomfortable or wild or uncanny your experience or situation is, someone else has been through something similar. No matter how big your dreams or goals or needs are, someone has walked in your shoes.

Find people like that and ask them for help. Offer them value, and then beg them to teach you everything they know*. It will save you time, it will expand your network, it will keep you focused, and it will remind you how very not alone you are.

This year, I hope you find great people to travel with from Point A to Point B. I hope you remember who you are. And I wish you the most success, happiness, and health at whatever you set your mind to doing.

Cheers to 2019!

*Always offer value in return; knowledge and experience are indeed NOT free!! Value your mentors!